Screen Recording Quality Starts Good/Ends Poor

I’m using WeVideo for read alouds. My screen recording quality starts out very good; however, during the last minute or so of my screen recording, everything gets fuzzy. Here are screen shots of the good quality that I see and the poor quality that I see. Any suggestions?

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Thanks for reaching out here @tina.rosen I’ve notified our product team and sent them a link to this post. Please feel free to reach out to as well, they will be able to help troubleshoot. We’re here for you :blue_heart:

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@tina.rosen Have a few follow up tips from our engineers:

  • Do you know if the behavior is happening on your local computer while doing the recording, there are sites or videos that have some kind of switch from low quality to high quality depending on the bandwidth.

  • If that is not the case, we are using the browsers capabilities for doing the screen record and we cannot control what is happening, maybe try to update to the latest browser version (use Chrome if not already).

  • Other things that you can try is to close other unrelated tabs or programs to have as much free memory as possible.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Hi, Jeremie,

Thanks for getting back to me.

When I’m reading the eBook from my screen during my recording session, my eBook is totally clear and sharp. I have the most current Chrome browser, as well.

However, I will definitely try closing out other applications during my next book recording. Good advice. I’ll let you know how it goes. :+1:

Best to you,

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I’ve come across this before with long recordings. I have to pull my recording file down twice and splice at the same time frame. You’ll butt the first and the second halves together to make a seamless video. The quality should improve. Depending on length, we’ve had to splice up to 5 times to make our recording seem natural and clear.


Interesting @renee.perkins Awesome tip and workaround. Will share this with our product team to see if they can look into it as well.

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Hey Team, thought I would share this screen recording update that just went live earlier this week.

Product update: Making screen recording easier and quicker

Hope this helps :pray:

Are you on wireless or on a wired connection? This could be another issue. A wired connection always works best. When I’ve had WeVideo up to long I can also run into issues.


This could be a memory limitation (close all other open programs) or an internet speed issue. You can also try It is a browser extension you can use to do the same thing but is has a 5 minute time limit. If you are a teacher or otherwise have access to a Google for education account, you can also use or even to record your screen and yourself.